Queezle 2013/11/10


The 1.5 bonus is back on. Some tips I need to know?

  • MizMizuki 2013/11/10 | Reply

    Sacing the same card or same element will do more than the rest.  If your new try maxing 3 c cards (using all the same element to enhance them) then those 3 will max a UC and 2 of those will max a rare. This is a cheap way to sac.

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MizMizuki 2013/10/04

Best Area to Farm Cards within Quests

9-15 is currently the best section throughout all the areas (up to area 11 as of 10/4/13)  to farm for cards to sacrifice.

This sections contains 4 possible card drops. 3 of the 4, being UC!

See pic below...

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ARMSGX 2013/05/08

what is best cost effective to evolve 4 copies of card

I am newly play in a week, after read many post please share your tips to me. Method A: 4:7 I think.  max level 4 base card, use 2 card form a +, max leveling + then evolve to ++, max ++ then evolve to FF , then max leveling FF ( so need 7 rounds of leveling to max, 4 base, +,++, FF).   or. Method B......more

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ARMSGX 2013/05/07

cant evolve from R++ to final form

I have Aquarius R++ ( form 3. at lv 36) and aquarius R ( form 1 lv 20). I try to evole to final form but when click evolve I canny select any aquarius card, Why?  Need any more aquarius to form R+ first for evovle R++ ?

  • MrIcy 2013/05/07 | Reply

    It's a bug. Make sure both cards don't have protection on and if that doesn't work. Remove both cards from your party.

  • ARMSGX 2013/05/07 | Reply

    yah I solve this already like you mentioned,  must remove protection from both cards to do the evolve

  • ARMSGX 2013/05/07 | Reply

    Good picture get from final form pure aquarius. But does it worth to do leveling the skill Ice fang of this HR card, because still have same description that only give us small increase ATK and Def.  Or go spam skill enhance on Gavos or Eir ( moderate increase ATK) I only have one card each for thes... ...more

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MizMizuki 2013/03/26

Excellent Sac / Evo Guide

Check it out if you want to sacrifice and evolution tips

  • RhoAias 2013/03/27 | Reply

    Just curious weither the data is really true, that 4-7 has 13% more stats than 4-3. Anyone care to compare 4-7 card data?

  • RhoAias 2013/03/27 | Reply

    My 4-3 SnowAngel has 8299ATK, so anyone has a 9378~ATK 4-7 SnowAngel? My 4-3 Icicle (4-2 techincally, still at lvl69) has 16385ATK, anyone has a 4-7 Icicle with 18,515~ATK?

  • Chronos 2013/03/29 | Reply

    nope his calculation is wrong, u better look at sicarius chart, its more accurate

  • Chronos 2013/03/29 | Reply

    except the sacrifice chart, everything is a great piece of work and easy to understand explanation with example(5 star for dedication to community)

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FenxDark 2013/03/19


What is the best way to do sacrificing?

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sicarius 2013/03/08

Sicarius's accumulated sac data.

Always 1.5x sac.
If the 1.5 is not active, my advice is: just save on Conjure Mana and sell the Cs and UCs you get from questing. It's just not worth it.

There is a bonus for element and a bonus for same card.
SP cost is 225 each chain sac.
If you chain sac with different elements, it takes 14 co......more

  • MizMizuki 2013/03/19 | Reply

    I just realized with a closer look your info on skill carryover is incorrect. Skills always carry over on the first you pick to evolve.  The evolve offering skill level makes no difference.  So make sure the first card u select always has the higher skill level on the first evo

    • 返信コメント
      sicarius 2013/04/10 | Reply

      @MizMizuki I just finished a whelpling 4-7 and I confirm this to be true. Skills carried over on the first pick of each evolve. (I did R&R -> R+&R ->R ++&R++ -> HR and the same for the other R++ except skills on the top of the evolve, and ended 100% of the time with skills on the second R++, and on ... ...more

    • 返信コメント
      sicarius 2013/04/10 | Reply

      @sicarius Also noting, that All my welplings varied in hp (3984 and 4000 max levelled R) to make my final evolution 8301 Fully evolved. My math supposes that my whelpling would be an estimated between 8312.166 and 8345.5 for max attack. so something was off by a few points and I'm not sure how.

  • punto3544 2013/07/15 | Reply

    Hi! I dun quite understand what you have to do to increase the skill level of your max evolution.  Care to explain in detail? Thanks!

  • Gixx 2013/08/05 | Reply

    The explaination of how to make a proper 4-3 is wrong. You want to max the cards closest to the final form, not the ones with highest evo. So for a 4-3 u want to max the ++ and a basecard to get the best result. I can confirm it, as I tried doing both after reading ur post. I sure didnt like the res... ...more

    • 返信コメント
      MizMizuki 2013/08/07 | Reply

      U r right, i never noticed until u mentioned after a while adhd sets in on looking at all those numbers lol

  • myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

    your % grid is wrong. Start with a 5,000 monster that levels to 10,000 ( roughly MR Flare )

    • 返信コメント
      myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

      @myth2684 for a 4-1......5k x 2 = 10k, 10% of that goes to next monster ( 1k ) so R+ would start 6k

    • 返信コメント
      myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

      @myth2684 6k + 5k = 11k, 10% goes to next evo...R++ is now 7,100

    • 返信コメント
      myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

      @myth2684 7,100 + 5k = 12,100....10% is 1,210....R+++ is 8,310

    • 返信コメント
      myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

      @myth2684 last evo......8,310 + 5k = 13,310, 10% is 1,331....max evo is 9,641....+ 5k for max lvl is 14,641

  • myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

    I did this math with 4-1 ( shown above ) 4-4 which ended up being 19,282, and 8-15 which finished at 20,736. Divide 14,641 by 20,736 ( to get % ) and a 4-1 is only 70.606674% of max potential. A 4-4 is 92.98804%                                                 In my opinion its far too much work to m... ...more

    • 返信コメント
      myth2684 2013/09/02 | Reply

      @myth2684 correction.....the math for 4-4 is actually for 4-7...maxing both cards before evolving

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MizMizuki 2013/03/08

Picture diagram of 4-7 Evo

Lot of people asking what this is.  Here's a diagram to better explain

This will be a lot higher stat wise than just maxing at the end.

For more info check this thread:

  • DrNicket 2013/03/20 | Reply

    Why not 4-8? Or 4-15? Couldn't you get higher result by max Lvl each and every card at every stage?

  • DrNicket 2013/03/20 | Reply

    2 max Lvl card for each Card+, two max Lvl Card + for each Card ++, two max Lvl Card++ evo into final form? Doesn't that end up being 15 cards ?

  • DrNicket 2013/03/20 | Reply

    Oh,  that what 8-15 is in the other chart. Sorry.

  • MizMizuki 2013/03/20 | Reply

    Yup this is just an example of the most common evo (4cards)  being max sac'd at each stage

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MizMizuki 2013/02/26


Many ask what does a 4-7 or similar cards means.  

The first # is the number of cards used.

The second # is the number of times the cards was max enhanced before and after evo.  

Ppl look for max enhanced cards bc they have have a higher atk/ def.  Reason being is bc if u max enhance a card befo......more

  • Shouyu 2013/02/27 | Reply

    thanks for sharing, How many Stat% increase compare to base form for the 4-7 Final form.  I do not have Macro first form stat.

  • FreeMan 2013/02/27 | Reply

    2.048 instead of 2.064 should b more accurate...

  • Shouyu 2013/02/28 | Reply


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Shouyu 2013/02/26

How to calculate Max Stat

Can anyone help me how to calculate max stat.
I would like to know the different Max Stat if it Max before evolve 8 cards and 4 cards?

Example if the beginning stat of a card is ATK 2000 Def 2000.
How to calculate the Max Final Form Stat if use 4 cards and Max it every times before evolve.
Thx in a......more

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