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sicarius 2013/03/09

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[TRADE] How not to trade like a dummy 101

[TRADE] How not to trade like a dummy 101

So after my first night of trading, I come out with a shiny new MR and lots of new information on how to trade, and how not-to.

First the basics:
Trade Tickets: These are used to BUY cards, not list them.
>=R 1, HR 3, SR 5, MR 10. Per trade.
How to get them? 10 when you're 30, 3 in Gold Shop, 1 per Login day, and 1 per fought battle. and 30 from GM if you ask.
Trade tickets are not used when Listing an item.
Trades per day: 5; Listings per day: 3

Observe Picture 1. This is the Trade Search menu. 3 really important parts to it.
*Search by Criteria without modifying the Rarity Type or Priority gives you the 'firehose' of fresh trades as they come out. IF you develop a massive trade stock, this is where the best deals can be found, but there are other people watching for deals too! I hit two really good trades in the beginning and ended up having 6 Ampis from the resulting trades.  
BUYER BEWARE: some trades 'look' good, but screw you in the end. If you're not good at thinking on your feet and holding numbers in your head, this listing might not be for you.

Modifying Rarity and Type give you a smaller subset of Immortals listed.
Modifying Priority gives vast view of all the trades in different orders. Incredibly handy when you need a Sera, but have never seen one before. I personally like looking at the High to Low Attack listings and getting GREAT upgrades there on the cheap. Level 70 behemoth (12k attack) for two Divina? Y E S P L E A S E.

*Search by Wanted allows you to quickly show the listings that apply to you as a buyer based on a card you choose. I'm using this search pretty heavily lately because of something I'll show you later.

*Search by Wishlist allows you to search by a card you wish list: I suggest adding Ampi, Valentina, Pandora, and two or three really hot cards at the time (at the time of writing this, Persephone and Skadi are hot for Water, Lakshimi and Rashiel for Fire, Snow Angel, Morgiana for Wind) This is also where you can come to quickly find those in-between trades.

There's a whole lot to explain about this later. Read on.

LISTINGS:  In green under this are listings. This is where you sell your cards for other cards. you may only list 3 per day, and each card may have a max of 5 required offerings. I say now, unless you like wasting your trades per day and being that guy everyone laughs at; no one is going to buy your Shadow Lion UC ++ for MR GILGAMESH x 5, SP x100000.

Pictures 2,3,4 are examples of bad trades. Avoid this kind of listing. Make your trades reasonable and fair and you'll get what you're looking for. Remember that AVP (amphi, valentina, pandora) are really equivalent to 2 potions, or 2 USDs. They're really REALLY common currency for Trade, and I suggest you stockpile them, but don't try and trade 1 pandora for 4 amphis. 1:2 is okay to get the color you're looking for. Also keep in mind that people are using TICKETS to trade with you, so be fair and you'll get what you actually need. HR = HR, okay. R = R, okay. HR = 2 or 3 AVP, SR = 3-5 AVP, MR = 3-4 HR, 1-2 SR. These are good, even trades.

About SP in trades: I've found that if the trade would be even otherwise, sometimes people aren't mad about shelling out 5-10k SP.  However, 20 stamina potions is equivalent to 10 Pandora is equivalent to 20USD. Would you want to buy a HR for 20$? Probably not. Save stam potions for the really rare stuff, unless it's 1 or 2. I've also passed on trades that were already favorable for them just because someone tacked on 5 stampots to the listing.

Try to use AVP in your prices if you're trying to grow your card stock. Don't evolve them. Don't trade them too lightly, but use them to get the dead end trades you really want (dead ends such as Skill HRs or Rs who aren't '1 [type] activated' (Pieces comes to mind)). It's really hard to sell dead end cards for AVP. Try and do a fair trade to a more circulated card, then try for AVPs.

Don't let listings go by. Do 3 a day just to keep the cards moving.

Anything else you've learned, just drop a reply. Let's discuss further!

  • MizMizuki 2013/03/10 | Reply

    I hope they allow to see skill level soon. Along with a description for what is required to boost said skill would also be helpful.

  • DrNicket 2013/03/18 | Reply

    I agree with Mizuki. The more we have to work with in making an informed decision, the better.